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What is finite element analysis and why it is used?

Finite element analysis or FEA is a simulation of a physical phenomenon by utilizing Finite Element Method. It is used by most of the manufacturing companies that need to test out the usability of their products and machinery before starting to manufacture it. FEA analysis is easy and convenient than real life testing as it can provide instant results of your processes. There are a lot of FEA Services all around the world that help manufacturers get their work done at affordable prices. Engineers make use of the process for a number of different tasks and some of the most important ones are as follows –

  • Reducing the number of actual prototypes: One of the main objectives behind doing FEA analysis is that it reduces the requirement of a working prototype for testing. With the help of finite element analysis services, they can find vulnerability in their designs without even needing to make an actual prototype of the product, which would cost a lot of money.
  • Experimental designs: With the help of professional FEA engineering consultants, engineers can experiment with their designs without needing to produce the product. They will be able to test the feasibility, usability and features of a design idea so that they can make it better over the time. Experiments designs can be easily tested through this, making the whole process a lot more efficient.
  • Develop better products and at a fast rate: FEA engineering consultants that are hired by a firm can help the engineers in pacing up the testing process so that the production can be made efficient. Also, they play a major part in research and development, which allows the company to make its existing products even better and also come up with newer and better products for the market.

Different applications of FEA analysis

Nowadays, nearly all manufacturers make use of finite element analysis in order to make their products better and to significantly enhance the efficiency of their production and testing process. One of the most prominent users of these services is aerospace field and heavy machinery. The following are the different applications of FEA that you should be aware of –

  1. Static Analysis: With this kind of analysis, you will be able to analyze linear static along with non-linear quassi-static component structures. In this, linear load is applied on the structure and the responses are recorder and sent as a result to the user.
  2. Dynamic analysis: Under this analysis the dynamic response of the structure is measured and taken into the consideration. You can even analyze the impacts that each load had on the model to make the testing a bit more realistic.

Modal testing: Machinery that undergoes heavy vibrations like engines, motors etc. can be tested in this way as it will provide you the details about the effect that it has on the structure. This will help you to test the usability of the engine along with its ability to keep working even after heavy usage.

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