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Mechanical Drafting Services

Industrial Product Design / Mechanical Drafting Services

We provide detailed product designing & mechanical drafting services to specify the manufacturing and assembling of products. With product development, life cycle knowledge Cad Deziners would provide detail manufacturing drawings from the concept level.

Testing and validating the design: Testing and validating is an essential task of the new design. Our experts at Cad Deziners would provide you the validated design using various tools such as Ansys to make the concept to a complete design.

3D modelling with tolerance: We provide 3D modelling of mechanical structures and ensure that turnaround time of our client will get reduced. We have in-depth knowledge of various software used for 3D designing and are capable of taking efficient measurements to make the project a success.



At Cad Deziners we provide prototyping and modelling at 2 dimensional levels and give more emphasis on geometrical dimensions, bill of material, mechanical assemblies etc. We have expert mechanical engineers who have relevant expertise in the area of drafting and custom designing.

Converting 2D to 3D Cad model: With Cad Deziners you can bring your imagination into reality. We can convert PDF, paper drawing, rough sketches, and diagrams to a proper cad model with aesthetic improvement.

Our experts know how to effectively undertake several proceedings during conversion of manufacturing drawing to Cad like editing, file reproduction, modification and proper accessibility. We provide customer centric services and deal in several industries viz. Marine, HVAC, Aerospace, Automotive, Mining and Health care.

3D Part Modelling

Professionals of our organization will also provide 3 dimensional modelling for even small parts of machineries which are used in mechanical plants. Through our services your ROI will increase and time-to-market will also increase which will give you a competitive edge.

  • 3D fixture Modelling You will get accurate, fast and reliable product at an economic price range
  • 3D component Modelling
  • Plastic Moulding – Our products can bear high temperature and pressure with great deal of ease.
  • Free form surfaces modelling
  • Validating of design against specification
  • Interference or clearance check
  • 3D modelling / assembly drawing/ 3D section views/ exploded views
  • Machine Drawing/ Technical drawings

Electronics/ Electrical enclosures

Professional engineers of Cad Deziners provide effective designs for mechanical enclosures. Experts use high grade plastic and stainless steel products to make rugged parts which you can use for various products

Product animation

Though this service our experts will give you an animated overview about how your product will look after its completion. Professional engineers of our organization take great care in developing proper working mechanism in the animated product through simulation process


Reverse Engineering

Cad Deziners will provide you reverse engineering process on different sectors like casting, injecting of moulded parts and forgings of parts which are different in shape and sizes. We work on behalf of several industrial sectors viz. aerospace, medical, automotive, mining, and medical and furniture designing.

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We offer Mechanical Drafting Services in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.