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3D Printing

3d printing has become the ideal technology for producing top-quality and cost-effective machine parts. Additive manufacturing has the potential to revolutionize the world of the mining industry. There are many reasons to believe so. First and the most important reason is the optimized supply chain. It is a well-known fact that mining companies operate in remote and hostile environments and require a wide range of spare parts and that too at a high frequency. This is where 3d printing can come in handy by streamlining these supply chains. 3D printing is especially important in the mining sector as many parts in mining are one-off production runs. The 3-dimension topography maps are made using 3D printing technology with precise height elevation of a particular region. 3D-printed maps can be a tool for mining operations. High-strength parts can be used as replacement parts for advanced mining machines, especially during breakdown.
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3D Scanning

3D Scanning is a very efficient way of taking measurements with the help of a 3d scanner without having to spend hours of manual work. In other words, it is very cost-effective. 3D Scanner captures data in the form of a 3D point cloud made up of millions of point clouds. Details of the work environments can be accurately captured using the 3d scanning process. Machine parts can be scanned and easily replicated by using a 3D scanner. 3D laser scanning in mining sector can scan any structure with the field of view and provide the output in point cloud and STL format. The application of 3D scanning in the mining sector is quite vast; scanning of shafts, sheet metal work, and conveyors can be done with high accuracy. The underground laser scanning is used for surveys of different structures to carry a high level of accuracy in the mining sector. Through 3D laser mapping the complete data-sheet can be used to create a 3D mesh model for development and also helps to distinguish the rest of the data from the scan.

CAD Drafting

CAD Drafting can be used for designing the machine components and parts for the mining industry. Custom parts can be designed through the use of advanced CAD software. Modifications can be made to the existing designs as well.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering can be used for creating OEM parts and spare parts. This technique can save thousands of dollars and plenty of time. Excellent quality material can be chosen as per the client’s requirements. The current mining parts wear out quickly, so reverse engineering helps in improving the material longevity. Custom modification of mining parts can be done using reverse engineering techniques. The cost of replacement parts is 50% less than the original OEM parts without compromising the quality.


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