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How 3D printing is revolutionizing different sectors ?

CADDeziner’s 3d Printing Service – 3D printing is considered as a boon for manufacturing industries. 3d printing also has a great role in the automotive and medical industries. With this technology you can easily create 3 dimensional objects with the help of digital file. Unlike CNC process, 3D printing is based on additive technology, this helps to secure more of your resources. Also, the process gets completed quickly and it also has uses in wide areas.

Use of 3D printing in Medical sector

At present, 3D printing has become an essential part in the field of medical industry. It is used for the creation of replicas of blood vessels, bones and organs. This technology has also provided the use of restorative gadgets which can be person specific. Mass customization is another application of 3D printing service. In this, you can deliver several things at the same time, this increases effectiveness during the assembly process.


Surgical tools and guides

Traditionally most of the tools and guides were made up of titanium in medicals. With the use of AM technology, it is very easy for a physician to produce guides that follow the unique anatomy of a patient. It is used to locate various instruments including drills at the time of surgery. Tools and AM guides are used for placement of screws, implants and plates in a more precise manner.

3D Printing for Automotive Industry

With the help of 3D printing in the automotive industry, it is very easy to manufacture an effective model. That model has a smooth outer surface and detailed, complex engineering of various parts inside the vehicle. This provides clarity to the product and in return. It helps the manufacturer to showcase the concept with a great deal of ease. With the use of a 3D printing service, it is very easy to design components of the engine. Those components are light in weight and provide a colored dashboard at a less cost.


Extensive use of 3D printing in automotive industry

Concept modeling

AM technology is used for production of low cost prototypes in the automotive sector; companies do so by testing it on several grounds and to check its overall affectivity. Moreover 3D printing is helping the industry in production of various tools at a low cost for fixtures, thermoforming, jig and injection modeling. Now, with the extensive use of AM it is easy to acquire topography optimization and consolidation of parts.

Testing of moisture as well as final parts

Due to production of vehicle component through AM process, the parts which are printed can easily be processed to become more compact and water tight which makes it easy for them to acquire great resistance against moisture.

Temperature testing

In an automotive sector it is very essential to test the ride for heat deflection, for this several AM processors are used which provides materials those can withstand a temperature around 105 degrees Celsius with great deal of ease. For this purpose most of the automotive manufacturers are using materials like SLS nylon and photo-cured polymers for designing of chassis and other parts of vehicles.

Great mounting brackets

With the use of AM technology it is very essential to manufacture lightweight and a complex bracket in a small time frame. 3D printing process not only provides affectivity in designing of organic shapes but engineers do not have to provide large input from their computer machine to assembly units. Unlike CNC, metal printing technology is suited for manufacture of products utilizing nylon or even titanium.

Complex ducting

Through the use of 3D printing it is very easy to create single structures which are considered very essential for aerospace technologies and for racing vehicles. This technology provides an opportunity to manufacturing sector for engineering wall thickness of variable and to enhance the ratio of strength and weight by the process of surface webbing. Traditionally it was considered too costly but at present it can be achieved at a much lower cost.

High detail of visual prototypes

With the use of AM manufacturers are also producing designs which have multicolor and have surface finishing which is equivalent to that of injection molding. Moreover, designers also get an idea about fitting of the part. This process is also used in aerodynamic testing as well as for analysis purpose. Through this process components are manufactured, which are excellent on aesthetic beauty and has great deal of features.

Custom 3D Printed Parts

Through the use of plastic 3D printing most of the manufacturers are producing products like handles, covers, ID cards, vehicle parts, glass bundling, sign boards etc. Few other products which are built through this technology are shoes, mobile covers, functional parts, replacement parts and customized fixtures.
With the help of AM printing technology it is even possible to restore a product which has turned obsolete and manufacturer doesn’t provide spare parts. 3D printing also considered very effective in fixing any glitch in the product and make it as good as new.


3D Printing For Schools and Colleges

It is very essential to prepare students for the world of tomorrow right inside of the class. By keeping this view point in mind most of the colleges and schools have started to teach students the theoretical and practical aspects of 3D printing.
This printing technology considers X, Y and Z pane due to which products manufactured in class will be without any flaw. Teachers are also acquiring this technology to print various human organs in the classroom and make students learn about their basic functionality. This is considered as an interactive way to teach students.

Colour Printing and 3D Figurine

With the help of AM technology it is very easy not only to manufacture products of different shapes and designs but you can even colour them as per your needs. 3D printing technology helps you to manufacture aesthetic products which are very durable in comparison to those which are manufactured traditionally
In case of color 3D printing different types of technologies are been used viz. Selective Laser Sintering, Fused Deposition Modeling and Stereolithography. Different types of industries use this technology few of them are aerospace, defense, jewelry designing, architecture etc. There are few materials available with which you can undertake full 3D printing technology.


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