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3D Printing

3D Printing can help in printing high quality replacement ship parts in low costs and save thousands of dollars. This can help in optimizing the supply chains. 3D printers can capture even the intricate and complex designs with accuracy. Additive manufacturing in marine helps in reducing the repair cost and saves the time to replace discontinued parts. 3D printing was able to remove the difficulty of providing on demand custom parts which can be manufactured close to the vessel specially in mining environment. With the help of 3D printing shipping cost can be avoided, lead time can be reduced, and it does not require to keep stock.
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3D Scanning

3d Scanning plays an imperative role in the marine industry. Accurate and comprehensive measurements can be taken of any part using 3d scanner which can save hours of manual labor. 3d point cloud can be used to create or modify a design. 3D Scanner captures data in the form of 3D point cloud made up of millions of point clouds in just few minutes or few hours. Existing vessel drawings are sometimes inaccurate, for making precise measurement 3D scanning is the best technique and produces accurate retrofit design and therefore maximises the efficiency at lower cost. Laser scanner can scan existing structure, including pipeline and fully functional prototypes and identify the errors or small cracks not visible with manual measurement. Laser scanning is accurate, and it is used at every stage of retrofitting process. Laser scanning can provide an accuracy from 0.5mm – 1.6mm. s


CAD Designing

It is a quick technique for ship builders to create designs using efficient software like SOLIDWORKS. Now you don’t have to do any manual labour and spend days designing. From small pilot boats to huge vessels can be designed using CAD Drafting. Custom designs can be built using this technique. Custom designs can be built using this technique. Our engineering team engages in marine engineering design work and is supported by multidiscipline and modelling & drafting team using our specialised computer software.

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