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How does FEA (Finite Element Analysis) work?

EA or Finite Element Analysis is a simple simulation of any given phenomenon (that is physical), by using a numerical based technique known as FEM (Finite Element Method). Engineers of CAD Dezinersuse this to minimize the load of making multiple prototypes and doing experiments. It is used during the designing process to optimize various components. This is done to speed up the development process and to minimize the errors that might occur.

The use of mathematics in properly understanding and quantifying physical phenomena like the behavior of structures or fluids in different conditions, wave propagation, thermal transport, growth of cells, etc. is extremely important. PDE or Partial Deferential Equations are generally used to describe many such processes. To solve these PDEs via computer programs, a lot of different techniques have been made but FEA is one of the most popularly used techniques among engineers.

Benefits of FEA

The following are some of the most important benefits of FEA.


Insights of important design parameters

Using FEA for your designing process can help you to get vital design insights from the exterior as well as the interior. This allows you to analyze your design and find errors if any. If any error is found, you can easily make changes accordingly for better performance.

Increase in accuracy

Before computers were invented, people used to sketch their ideas, make prototypes, manufacture products, and then test them for any errors or if any key parameters were ignored. This wasted a lot of time and was often inaccurate. While using FEA, CAD Deziners feeds all the different information, parameters, and conditions so that the product can be virtually tested for everything before even making it. This improves the accuracy of the design by a big margin.

Enhances designing process

By using FEA, you can easily concentrate on designing a whole structure rather than concentrating on individual parts. You can understand how stresses on 1 part can affect other parts as well. This allows you to create better designs easily.


Faster and better designing

FEA allows you to virtually create the model of the design and test it out in virtually simulated conditions. This saves a lot of time and money, making the whole design process more efficient and faster. This minimizes the risk or errors as well.

Virtual prototyping

The early versions of prototypes for different parts are very expensive to make and are often of no use as they are handmade. They cannot be used to analyze the designs and aren’t time-efficient as well. By simulating the design using FEA, you can get a better understanding of the design and it will save a lot of money and time for your organization.


Increases revenue and productivity

If your organization has talented individuals who have proper knowledge of FEA, the productivity of your firm will easily be increased by a significant margin, this, in turn, will boost your revenues as well.

Various analysis services include

1. Simulation & analysis

Our organization has expertise in the fields of modeling, polymer analysis, fluid dynamics, system modeling, etc. We have focused mainly on non-linear and coupled systems. CAD Deziners has partnerships with different software companies and provides accurate controlling, visualization, and data analysis.


Impact Simulation & testing

We at CAD Deziners provide our clients with comprehensive solutions while covering areas like analysis and processing of data with the use of filtering and data truncating which provide effective information without any distortion. Our organization also focuses on failure mechanisms.

Finite Element Analysis

At CAD Deziners our experts provide advanced knowledge about Modeling complex and focus on nonlinear problems that take place in industry. Our experts have years of experience in anisotropy which ranges from composite material to manufacturing processes.


Heat & mass transfer

We are known to provide excellent thermal modelling for fluid and solid systems; moreover we assist customers in proper transport of chemical substances and species. During thermal analysis process we use CFD and FEA technologies which help in analysis and proper visualization of thermal profiles.

Computational Fluid analysis

We provide solutions for problems that are very complex relating to interactions between fluid/thermal and fluid/solid. Our experts also conduct analysis, simulation, and modeling regarding flow cells that have compressible flow, phase change, electromagnetic heating, and transfer for conjugate heat.

2.Failure analysis

With the use of core engineering experts of CAD Deziners provide analyses of root causes and failure for proper evaluation. CAD Deziners serves industries dealing in medical devices, energy, transportation, industrial equipment, product manufacturing, and microelectronic packaging.


3.Mechanical Testing, Modeling & Validation


We are experts in the field of mechanical testing and provide services like DIC, DMA, ASTM, tests that are temperature dependent etc. Our experts also provide various modes for complex loading and also provide model validation as per the codes stated by FDA.

4.Product development

CAD Deziners play a great role in the field of product design and use CAD modeling for visualization of test design, early concepts, etc. Our experts also provide complete process consultation, and analysis of finite elements. With our guidance organizations get a smooth transition, project cost gets reduced and reliability gets enhanced.


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