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Materialize your vision through 2D Drafting Services

2D Drafting is the very first step to take when you embark upon the process of designing, planning and creating a product. 2D drafting services provide you with experts who understand your requirements and draw the most accurate vision of your product or building using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. The drafters depict the minutest of technical details and labels such as dimensions, notes for reference in these drawings which aid the manufacturer to build the product precisely. Since CAD software helps you scrutinize any possible errors in the designs and lets you rectify them, it helps the drafter ensure the final design is as accurate as possible.

2D CAD Drafting services are used extensively in various fields such as Architectural, Mechanical, Civil and others to design anything from a building floorplan, an automobile spare part or a new appliance to a topographical bridge map or an aircraft.

2D CAD Drafting solutions provided by experts

  • CAD Drafting: 2D CAD drafting services provide you with unambiguous and error-free drawings of your intended products with apt and linked annotations. The drafters with expertise in product design and manufacturing process understand the ins and outs of the product required and portray the particulars graphically. These particulars can be, but are not limited to, dimensions, text and tabular data, gradient, symbols etc.
  • CAD Assembly: Mechanical assembly is another of the amazing 2D CAD drafting solutions. When various components of a single machine or product are designed and drafted separately, they can be digitally assembled to analyze the overall efficiency of product design. This gives us an added advantage to make any changes required before advancing to manufacturing stage.
  • CAD Conversions: 2D CAD drawing services also convert any hand drafts, PDF, rough sketches or diagrams into clean and meticulous CAD blueprints. Since CAD drawings are much easier to edit, share or even zoom into observe minor details, they are preferred to traditional hand drafts. The expectations of the customer are duly observed so as to produce the perfect replica.
  • Bill Of Materials: 2D CAD drafting solutions also include Bill of Materials. BOM, as the name suggests, is a comprehensive inventory of the quantity and specifications of all the parts, components, sub-components etc. required to build a product. It includes the raw materials, tools, labor or anything that could potentially add up to the final manufacturing cost.

Key Service Areas of 2D CAD Drafting services

  • Architectural drafting services: Architects, contractors, designers etc. rely on drafting service providers for creation, modification or enhancement of their construction designs. CAD 2D drafting is used in Architectural engineering to design and provide floor and roof plans, elevations and sections, layout and landscaping, space plans, as-built etc. Architectural drafting service experts make sure the designs are accurate and well defined. 2D CAD drawings find their use in Millwork drawings, shop drawings, interior design and many more.
  • Mechanical drafting services: A wide range of industries count on Mechanical 2D CAD drafting services for innovative but cost-effective designs and drafts. Expert mechanical drafters work with automotive, manufacturing, aerospace, marine vessel, process industries and others to provide various CAD services such as sheet metal design, machine drawings, MEP drawings, assembly drawings etc. The drafting service help the industries to test, optimize and prototype their designs to ensure their efficiency.
  • Civil drafting services: Civil engineers, Design firms, land developers consult civil drafting engineers for services such as Topographic mapping, Terrain modeling, Drainage design services etc. The drafts provide sectional views of highways, bridges, dams, sewerage systems etc. which aid the engineers in determining feasibility of the designs and further optimizing them.
  • Electrical drafting services: Electrical and electronic industries have been using 2D drafting services for Hardware design, Electrical instrumentation, PCB design and layout, embedded system design, solar system designing etc. for a considerable amount of time. The CAD drafts help in creating practical and robust schematics while staying economical.

What is the general process followed?

  • Planning: This is the step where you communicate your vision, requirements and expectations to the drafting service. The team discusses feasibility and various technical aspects of your product. Once an understanding is reached, a product design is finalized.
  • Drafting: The drafters start drawing the product designs as per your instructions with the help of 2D CAD software. You will be kept in loop during this whole process to guarantee no minor details are missed.
  • Reviews: Once the draft is completed, various quality and efficiency checks are carried out. The edits and corrections you seek are incorporated and the product design molded to your satisfaction.
  • Delivery: When you as well as the technical experts are content with the accuracy and functionality of the product, file transfer process is begun. The service converts the file into required format and provides proper documentation with the final product.

Why should you Outsource 2D Drafting Services?

2D Drafting services provide you with teams of expert and experienced mechanical, civil, industrial and electrical engineers and drafters. They have constant access to the best of architects, designers and manufacturers who help to build precise and aesthetic designs while sticking to the national and international standards.

Data security being a key requirement in the field, Drafting services have the apt tools required to keep your data safe and secure. Outsourcing 2D Drafting services gives you the key benefit of having your designs built in required time frame, in a very affordable and reasonable budget.

2D CAD drafting services have access as well as expertise in the latest tools and technologies, thus bringing you a quick, reliable and efficient design. Drafting services also possess the proper infrastructure required to build, optimize and quality check your product models, thus delivering you a safe and impeccable design created and authorized by experts.

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