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Why CAD Deziners AI or IOT services ?

Artificial intelligence is any task that is been performed by a machine or program. AI demonstrates some of the behaviors associated with human intelligence such as, planning, problem-solving, learning, motion, and creativity.
We implement AI techniques to aid the organization’s needs, which collect and process the data to simplify the work. CAD Deziners have 7+ years’ experience working with various start-ups and big and medium-sized companies and developed various products and services. We have worked for various industries such as Health, Mining, Agriculture, Education, and Construction to develop new products and personalized strategies to implement for commercialization success. Contact CADDeziners for the best AI product development services.

AI - Artificial Intelligence Services

AI Product Development

CAD Deziners are specialized in AI product development from concept level to production. We look after all the engineering services such as engineering aspects, electronics, hardware, and software. We help modify your design as per your feedback and make it economical and productive for your target audience. At CAD Deziners, we understand your needs clearly and follow a unique approach for the overall success of our clients.

Machine Learning (Biometric verification)

Biometric systems are playing a key role in multitude of applications and are the center of debate in research community. In business and personal life today, security protection is critical for many applications, access control, computer and network security, and most importantly personal and public safety.

Front End and Back End Web Development

We help you to grow your website by developing interactive websites that can fit to every browser or any device such as mobiles, tablets, laptops or desktop computers. We provide the full development services for product design based on the market research and provide front end and back end development activities and support.

Security and Privacy (Face Recognition)

Facial recognition is the analytical program that identifies and authenticates the person from their facial features from an image or video. The software uses the geometry of the face, and analyses the sixty facial face landmarks. Facial recognition can offer advantage in safety, security, Health and design sectors.

Mobile and Web development Service

Mobile App development

AI based mobile apps are becoming the smart way to serve the purpose of many businesses and boost revenue. There are various advantages of AI based mobile apps such as personalized experience, unique design, and personalized performance is the key element of the app. AI has proved to be a boon in this COVID environment. CAD Deziners can turn your ideas into reality.

App for retail brands

Artificial intelligence creates opportunity for the retailers to bridge the gap between the virtual and physical sales. AI can benefit the retails in various ways to reduce cost, improve the efficiency of the work, and enhance the speed of decision making in retail world.

Cloud based attendance

The ability to automate the employee check-in system can grant businesses the ability to protect the workplace and safeguard the employee health. Face recognition, face mask detection and temperature screening being the key elements. At CAD Deziners we have developed this app specifically for those who want to operate and run businesses in COVID safe environment.


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Our Projects

Authentication System for ATM Machines

Employed Deep learning and Image Processing to develop an end-to-end authentication system for ATMs keeping in mind privacy and space constraints.

COVID Camera

Employed Machine Learning and state-of-the-art object detection model to develop a social distancing and mask detector.

Smart Wheelchair

A mind-controlled wheelchair is being implemented with several other functionalities which includes gaze-controlled keyboard using Natural Language Processing and Image processing and gesture based movement of wheelchair.

Automated Attendance System

Employed Deep Learning along with several APIs to build a full system to detect and mark the attendance of all the students and alert the parents in case of short attendance.

AI Chatbot

Used Google’s DialogFlow to develop a chatbot and then linked it my google assistant.

Face Scanner Thermal

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