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3D Laser Scanning Services

3D Laser scanning for Industrial and Mechanical Sector

3D Laser scanning services will provide you a precise measurement in the mechanical sector which is very essential. Due to the laser scanning process, your survey time will be reduced and you can also get an opportunity for offsite fabrication. Moreover, the overall measurement has an accuracy of about 0.02mm.


 Testing and analyzing scan data – Through the help of 3D scanning you will get different types of testing and analyzing techniques. This primarily based on the overall size of the object.

 Measurement of mechanical structures and machine – CMM or co-ordinate measuring machine is used by experts to point out if any flaw is present inside the mechanical structure or machines which are produced.

 Replacing obsolete and custom parts – we scan the replenished or obsolete custom parts and regenerate as per your requirement.

 Highlighting manufacturing defects

 Reverse engineering – During reverse engineering process experts carry out a thorough object or product examination after which the deconstruction phase takes place. This provides them complete knowledge about every other component of an object and then it can be restructured as per the requirement.

3D laser scanning for Automotive and vintage cars

Through the proper 3D scanning process, our team will help you to restore vintage cars after taking an accurate measurement for rear, front and chassis. This technique will also provide you aid in building up a missing part as on CAD models.

Replication of dashboards and car accessories – Reverse engineering process provides excellent aid for the dashboard and other accessory replication of vintage cars. Professionals scan the object, in the initial stage and create 2D maps and then 3D CADs are made.

 Scanning OEM parts for classic vintage cars – Through the effective processing of 3D laser scanning, our experts provide you access to exclusive parts of a vintage car which are hard to find. They make CAD models and through them create original parts missing from the vintage car.

 Scanning and analysis of new design – It is very essential to scan parts of new car design, unlike traditional method the measurement of parts takes place in a quick manner and you will be offered genuine scanned data in a small time interval. Thus, you can increase your overall affectivity.

 Replacing obsolete and custom parts – we scan the replenished or obsolete custom parts and regenerate as per your requirement.

 Scanning and providing 3D measurementExperts will scan 3-dimensional models of car and it can use them for study in any platform. 3D models can effectively be consulted and edited on any platform and they reduce the overall cost of the project.

  Designing and redesigning customize bumpers – Professionals will provide effective scanning of your vehicle through 3D scanning, this process not only aids in creating lost parts but you can even customize bumpers and make the vehicle look unique. Reverse engineering is the process which plays an effective role in such maneuvers.

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