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Single Shot Accuracy: ≤0.05 mm
Scan Speed: <4s and <1 min

Model Einscan-SP V2
Scan Speed of a single shot < 1s
Scan Speed of one turn < 45s
Turntable Coded Targets
scan 2


Single Shot Accuracy: ≤0.1 mm Scan Speed: <8 s and <2 mins Stand-off Distance: 290 ~ 480 mm

Model EinScan-SE V2
Scan Speed of a single shot < 1s
Scan Speed of one turn < 45s
Turntable Coded Targets X
Markers X


Scan Accuracy: 0.04 mm Scan Speed: 30 ftps 1500000 points/s Scan Range: 312 * 204 mm

Handheld HD Scan
Scan Accuracy up to 0.05 mm
Volumetric Accuracy 0.03 mm/m (Markers Alignment)
Scan Speed 20 frames/s; 110,000 points/s; 100 data capture lines
Point Distance 0.2 mm – 3 mm
Align Mode Markers Alignment
Texture Scan No


Scan Accuracy: Up to 0.04 mm Scan Speed: 10 frames/s; 1,200,000 points/s Scan Range: Upto 200*700 mm

Scan Mode Rapid Scan
Scan Accuracy Up to 0.05 mm
Volumetric Accuracy 0.05+0.1 mm/m
Safety LED light (eye-safe)
Light Source White Light, visible
Scan & Align Speed 1,200,000 points/s, 20FPS
Depth of Field 200-700 mm
Maximum FOV 420 mm * 440 mm
Point Distance 0.25 mm – 3 mm


Scan Accuracy: Up to 0.02mm Scan Speed: 10 frames/s; 1,860,000 points/s Scan Range: Upto 520*510 mm

Scan Mode Multi-Line Scan Single Line Scan Fine Scan Infrared Scan
Light Source 26 Laser lines One laser line Seven Parallel laser lines VCSEL Light Source
Working Distance 300mm 300mm 200mm 300mm
Scan Accuracy Up to 0.02mm Up to 0.02mm Up to 0.02mm
Volumetric Accuracy 0.02+0.033mm/m 0.02+0.033mm/m 0.02+0.033mm/m 0.5+0.1mm/m
Scan speed 1,860,000 points/s 1,860,000 points/s 1,860,000 points/s 2,250,000 points/s
Scan Depth 360mm 360mm 360mm 1240mm
Max FOV 520mm x 510mm 520mm x 510mm 520mm x 510mm 600mm x 600mm
Point Distance 0.05mm-3mm 0.05mm-3mm 0.05mm-3mm 0.1-3mm


Scan Accuracy: up to 0.045 mm
Scan Speed: 10 frames/s; 3,000,000 points/s
Scan Range: Upto 310*240 mm

Scanner Model Shining 3D EinScan Pro HD
Light Source LED
Texture Scan Support
Point Distance Handheld HD Scan: 0.2 – 3 mm ; Handheld Rapid Scan: 0.25 – 3 mm Fixed Scan with Turntable: 0.24 mm ; Fixed Scan without Turntable: 0.24 mm
Scan Accuracy Handheld HD Scan: 0.045 mm ; Handheld Rapid Scan: 0.1 mm Fixed Scan with Turntable: 0.04 mm (Single Shot Accuracy) ; Fixed Scan without Turntable: 0.04 mm (Single Shot Accuracy)
Scan Speed Handheld HD Scan: 3,000,000 points/s, 10 fps ; Handheld Rapid Scan: 1,500,000 points/s, 30 fps Fixed Scan with Turntable: Single Scan < 0.5 s ; Fixed Scan without Turntable: Single Scan < 0.5 s
Align Modes Handheld HD Scan: Marker Alignment, Feature Alignment , Hybrid Alignment Handheld Rapid Scan: Marker Alignment, Feature Alignment, Texture Alignment, Hybrid Alignment Fixed Scan with Turntable: Marker Alignment, Feature Alignment, Turntable Coded Targets, Manual Alignment Fixed Scan without Turntable: Marker Alignment, Feature Alignment, Manual Alignment
Single Scan Range 209 x 160 – 312 x 204 mm
Best Working Distance 510 mm
Depth Of Field ± 100 mm
Product Weight 1.13 kg
Output Format STL, OBJ, 3MF, PLY, ASC, P3
Connectivity USB 3.0 Cable


At CAD Deziners, we are dedicated to bringing the best of 3D technology to you. With our advanced range of 3D scanners in Australia, we offer professionals and businesses the opportunity to capture precise digital 3D models with ease.

The best 3d scanner is sourced from leading manufacturers, ensuring high accuracy and reliability in every scan. Whether you are involved in engineering, manufacturing, or design, our 3D scanners are equipped to enhance your project’s efficiency and quality.

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Why Choose CAD Deziners for Your 3D Scanning Needs?

Choosing the right 3D scanner in Australia is crucial for achieving detailed and accurate results. At CAD Deziners, we deeply understand the nuanced requirements of diverse industries, including automotive, healthcare, Mining, Defence, Construction, Marine and more. Our aim is to provide tailored solutions that meet these specific demands. Renowned for their precision, our 3D scanners capture every minute detail with exceptional clarity, ensuring that your projects are accurate and uphold the highest standards of quality.

Our commitment to your success extends beyond the technology we offer. Our experienced team provides expert advice and personalised support throughout the selection process and continues to assist you post-purchase. This ensures that you not only choose the right scanner for your needs but also maximise its utility in your projects.

By choosing CAD Deziners, you gain more than just a product; you receive a comprehensive solution that enhances your productivity and creativity. Trust us to equip your business with the tools it needs to excel, making every scan a step towards perfection.


Our Range of 3D Scanners

At CAD Deziners, we are committed to delivering excellence through our extensive range of 3D scanners tailored to meet every professional requirement. Our portfolio includes both highly portable handheld models and sophisticated, high-resolution stationary desktop scanners.

The handheld scanners offer unparalleled flexibility and ease, ideal for dynamic field applications, while our desktop scanners provide the robustness needed for intricate industrial tasks, capturing every detail with precision.

Each device in our collection is selected based on its superior performance, seamless integration capabilities, and ability to deliver fast, high-quality outputs.

Regardless of the project complexity, our 3D scanners ensure reliable, consistent results, proving to be indispensable tools for businesses aiming to leverage advanced digital scanning technology. Investing in our scanners means equipping your venture with the best in class, ready to meet the demands of modern engineering, manufacturing, and design industries.

Exceptional Support and Service

At CAD Deziners, we understand that acquiring a high-quality 3D laser scanner is just the beginning of a technological journey. That’s why our commitment to our clients goes beyond mere product delivery—we offer extensive support and services to ensure optimal utilisation of your technology investment.

Moreover, recognising that each business has unique operational needs, we provide customised service agreements which includes Reverse engineering support at lowest price. These agreements are designed to align with your specific requirements, offering peace of mind and significantly reducing potential downtime. By opting for CAD Deziners, you’re not just purchasing a state-of-the-art scanner; you’re entering into a supportive partnership that fosters your business’s growth and innovation.

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