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About CAD Deziners IOT Development Services

IOT has provided us a new and modified way of providing services at our homes and workplaces by providing unlimited opportunities and growth. At CAD Deziners, we strive to provide efficient solutions for client’s problems. Our long-range low power solutions aim at providing more access and control to our customers. We aim at improving the way your operations are conducted. You can achieve more automation and control. Call us to get an instant quote on our IOT development services.

Client Services


Customized IOT Designs

These client centered services are customized as per the requirements of our clients. No matter what the problem is we always work hard to achieve the desired solutions.


Automation, control and monitoring over long range 24/7

With the help of our IOT development services, you can achieve greater automation, control and monitoring over longer ranges 24/7.


Smarter Controls for workplaces

With IOT you can assure more control over your operations. Our IOT development services can help you have remote control over your operations 24/7.


IOT for safer workplaces

IOT has proven to be a real weapon in the fight against COVID19. Our IOT services can be of great help to safeguard your workplaces against coronavirus.

Other Services


IOT in healthcare

IOT can prove to be a real boon for the healthcare industry. There are several advantages that it can offer including lower costs, faster processes, and increased efficiency. It can help the doctors to monitor patients in real time and faster diagnosis of diseases. Other advantages include efficient treatment and management of medical equipment and medicines which is a major task for healthcare industry.


IOT in agriculture

IOT in agriculture can bring greater efficiency, low costs, remote control, and monitoring. Cattle health monitoring, smart irrigation, less wastage, and enhanced traceability services are just some examples of the greater achievements that can be made through IOT.


Cold chain monitoring services

Smarter cold chain monitoring services can play a major role in cold chain industry. It can help in determining temperature and location of the goods which can further reduce major issues like quality and safe delivery of the services. It can be a boon for pharma industry which faces serious losses due to cold chain issues.

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