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3D Printing

3d printing can help in creating a detailed scale model of architectural projects. This can be a great way of showing your ideas to your clients or colleagues. You can create a 3d printed version of something that came out of your imagination. 3d printing can even help you create complex shapes and designs. You can display complex features in a greater detail. You can have great quality smooth surface parts 3d printed. SLS, SLA are very popular techniques for printing high quality architectural models with smooth finish and high accuracy. You can print multicoloured or even transparent models. And all of this can be done at very reasonable costs. You can have a better understanding of the real life view of the model. This can also help you understand if you want any changes to be made in the final model. Those changes can be made in the file and you can simply reprint the part.
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3D Scanning

3D Scanning can help you save time and cost of measurement and equipment which means that number of man hours spent in measuring a building can be reduced through the use of 3d scanning technology. This can further lead you to save thousands of dollars. Also, the data collected is highly accurate and can be used for the detailed analysis of the building. You can literally digitize your project. From the design stage to the inspection stage we use 3D scanning. 3D scanning and measurement is an integral element of architectural and construction. On-site scanning can scan old building, monuments and save the model in various CAD formats. 3D scanning at architectural places saves time and cost by reducing the time to measure the structure which also enhance the safety of engineers at unsafe locations.


CAD Drafting

CAD Drafting is certainly is a very important part of architecture. It can help ease the complexity and management of manual paper-based drawings. It also becomes nearly impossible to have a complete view of your model using the paper-based model. This problem can be solved using Computer Aided Design (CAD). Paper to CAD conversion can help you to have better insight and visualisation of your model. You can view your model from different angles and see how it will look after it is fully complete. We can produce various CAD deliverables, BIM integration, As- build drawings, point cloud data, elevation drawings and plan view drawings. Using three- dimension modelling, the design process simplifies and speeds up the functional prototypes as a result, customer can review the functional prototype. The finalisation will take minimum time and maximum efficiency.

Reverse Engineering

It is very important for architecture industry for any kind of changes they want to incorporate. You can help save hours and hours of work related to any changes you want to make in your model by simply following reverse engineering technology. The understanding of architectural reconstruction is the form of reverse engineering that constructs the architectural view from an existing system. Reverse engineering is essential to have accurate design and ensure that the productivity increases. Upgrading an existing construction product by understanding the original product and its usage and identifying the room for growth through reverse engineering technique.


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