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Role Of Autocad Mechanical 3d Modeling In Today’s Era

CAD or Computer Aided Design has continuously been reshaping the way of mechanical engineering. The use of CAD is extremely benefiting the engineers by helping them observe their creations in a visualized manner on screens, finding out the flaws or improving the designs with necessary amendments. This all is done without spending much on repetitive trial and errors, thereby making the technique cost effective too. Now, the AutoCAD 3D modeling (autocad mechanical modeling) is helping the engineers one step further in designing automobiles that meet the needs of the time. Here are some of the benefits mechanical engineers get with AutoCAD mechanical 3D modeling.

Doing The Calculations

Maths forms the core of engineering activities. It forms the necessary bridge between the design and the actual engineering process. This is done as there are various mathematical equations at various dimensions of the design based on a set of parameters. Now 3D modeling enables the engineers to practically see the changes in these equations at their very application points in relation to their respective motions. So these calculations can then be re-adjusted to the set and required values and the required motions.

Improving Design Quality

Having 3D CAD design software equips the designer with a set of more than seven hundred thousand templates and free 3D models of standard mechanical objects. They can use these templates for the side components of their design and keep their focus strong on the main parts. This ensures that the engineers save the necessary time and effort required for their creativity for concepts, thus improving the design quality.

Manufacturability Suited Designs

It so happens that sometimes the designed concept for a machine or component of the automobile falls out of the manufacturing capabilities of the organization. 3D CAD softwares help in these situations as they now come with manufacturing option settings. Using these features the engineers can create models that can be counter checked for manufacturing and synthesis processes if they fall in alignment with the current capacities.

Compatibility With International Standards

3D CAD softwares are now coming with pre-loaded instructions about the international manufacturing standards. These include CSN, ANSI, DIN, BSI, ISO, GOST and GB standards. Thus, it scrutinizes the design beforehand for compatibility with these standards. These softwares also update the standards as per their incoming amendments. These features are also available for online 3D modeling.

Redrawing Of Designs

Some of the internal parts of the machines that remain hidden are required to be redrawn and improved based upon the changing needs. Now, redesigning those components with traditional techniques is a herculean task. Using 3D CAD softwares can help automatically highlight such areas in the car 3D model, using a representation of lines and dashes.

Allows Scope For Better Presentation

Using the CAD softwares allows for better visual presentation of complex parts of the automobile machines and their complementary motions. Usually, there is a limited scope for a normal model to be understood in motion and working conditions. But by building 3D model with CAD softwares it is possible to add animation to the minute of the components and show the proposed performance under the prevailing conditions. In this way clients will have ease in understanding the essential details of your product and you will have an edge over your proposal.


With CAD softwares at service, it is easy to optimize the design better. This is because you can re-design and improve better with every trial and run in the animated displays. You can even find out varied uses of your design that can be put to in concepts that can even fall out of the automobile sector with just slight adjustments. This can be done using:

  • Behavioral Modeling, enabling the designers to measure the performances better. These measurements can then further be studied to amend enhancements.
  • Simulation Analyzing, for testing the models with the actual conditions that the model will be facing during its actual working. This accounts for the cycles, temperatures, displacements and stresses.

Data Effectiveness

Using the CAD softwares, the engineers can save their design for referencing in future. They can also save drafted ideas which may be useful when they go on with future amendments in the design or re-design the product altogether.

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