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CadDeziners’ Automotive Services & Their Importance

The automotive industry has never been more exciting. And a huge part of that is 3D services like 3D scanning, CAD Design, and 3D printing. Overall, the impact that these services have had on the automotive industry has been revolutionary 

From designing a concept to actually producing parts of the vehicle for the chassis, all these production processes have changed and been refined massively. But why? What makes these services so interesting and revolutionary? That is what we will be looking at in this blog 

CadDeziners offer the best 3D scanning and 3D printing in Australia. And we wanted to raise awareness about this subject, that is why we have written this blog. Read on:

About Automotive Services

The topic of automotive services is very broad, and it covers a whole range of services. The technology used in these services eases the production and design of automotive parts by simplifying them and reducing the time it takes to complete that specific process. Let’s take a look at them:

3D Scanning

There are many applications of 3D scanning technology in the automotive industry. Arguably, the most popular use is in the design process. 3D scanning can capture a digital image of the entire body of a car or a single part and then produce an image that can be manipulated, shaped, modified, and more 

Other uses include 3D scanning of old or obscure parts to produce replacements for them. There are parts that aren’t being produced anymore because they are too old. They can be an engine component or a car door. 3D scanning can scan an old part and recreate a digital image of it that can be used to bring that part into production again 

3D scanning also has applications in quality control. As 3D scanning is accurate to a very high percentage, the image that is taken of the vehicle or a component can be analysed to make sure that there is no fault and everything adheres to the decided dimensions or parameters.   

3D Printing

3D printing is also a versatile process used in the automotive industry. 3D printing has many applications and advantages. The biggest advantages that 3D printing has brought are cost-cutting and reduced production times. 

There used to be a time when the production process would take a long time and even have many delays. But with the 3D accuracy and speed of the 3D printing process, the production time or a part or component has been cut down by a massive margin. And with the materials being used in the 3D printing process and how they are being used, 3D printing has proven to be much more cost-efficient than conventional manufacturing processes.

When it comes to spare parts, nobody can predict how many might be needed. Conventional processes only mass-produced, such spare parts, that led to either too many being produced or not enough being produced. But 3D printing can accurately meet the demands of spare parts. The process is also being used to produce obscure parts that aren’t available anymore.

CAD Automotive Design

In the automotive industry, CAD design has massively improved the design process and raised its accuracy. CAD Designers can easily and efficiently create highly accurate designs for cars. These designs can be of an engine component, or they can be an exterior or interior part.

CAD design produces digital images and blueprints that can be fed to a 3D printing machine, which can then produce the needed components and parts.

CAD design has also improved on eliminating errors and design faults. The quality assurance process is much easier and more efficient in CAD design rather than the old methods. This also streamlines the entire design process, further cuts down on production time.

Overall, the parts produced through 3D design and printing processes are cost-efficient, and they are also lighter while being just as strong. 3D design and printing also produce parts that have a smoother and sleeker appearance. This ultimately makes these processes far better than the old methods. Those methods are being thought of more and more as outdated because of how slow and expensive those methods are.

To Wrap Up

Applications in the automotive industry of these kinds of technologies are still being discovered. And, as the boundaries stretch further, the automotive industry will become better at producing these parts and components. So, this progress is something to look forward to.If you are looking for such services for your own company, you can contact CadDeziners. The 3D printing and 3D Scanning cost in Australia that we offer are some of the most affordable you will find. So, contact us today and book a consultation. We also offer other services such as CNC machining, mechanical drafting, and more.

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