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5 CAD Drafting Mistakes You Must Avoid To Save Costs

With CAD drafting and drawings proving to be the main foundation for the developmental process, it makes sense that people would want a drafting process that is faultless and has no mistakes in it. This not only ensures the quality of the final product but also avoids any need for reworking, which saves time and especially money. 

These mistakes and errors can lead to damages that can range from hundreds of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. To avoid these mistakes and save money, CadDeziners offers CAD drafting services, and, as experts in this subject, we have written this blog. This way, you can be aware of these mistakes. Keep reading to find out.

5 CAD Drafting Mistakes To Avoid

Detail Overload

A huge mistake that people make when drafting up a CAD design is to overload it. This can happen due to the excessive use of symbols. And when that happens, the entire concept behind the drafted design can become obscure and hard to understand. So, when the time comes to translate the design into a physical model, the process can become complicated, and mistakes are made.

The best way to deal with that is to make sure that the drawing isn’t overloaded with symbols and other designs. And if those designs and symbols are absolutely essential in the drawing, then it is recommended to divide the drawing into parts. This way, the production process can be easily understood and compiled later on in a more efficient manner. 

Inconsistency in Dimension Data

Dimensions are, of course, very important when it comes to the production process. Not only do dimensions decide the size of the object but also the space it will take up, the raw material required to produce said object and much more. But many times, the engineers and designers become the victims of miscommunication. They use different standards, and when the final design comes around, they get confused. This can lead to a lot of wasted time, and the production process is slowed considerably. 

In this case, smart dimensioning is a very useful option that is used to set decided parameters for designers and engineers alike to adhere to. This ensures that the design that comes out consistent. 

Not Paying Attention To Line Weights

Line weights are defined as the thickness of any lines in a drawing. The thickness of the line can be used to indicate many things, including proximity or even significance of a side or a part. But when not utilized correctly, it can cause problems. If the relationship between two objects isn’t represented correctly, then it can cause an imbalance in the design of the object. 

Therefore, it is recommended that line weights are used appropriately and clearly so that the design is consistent and has no issues.  

Components In One Layer

It is well-known by all designers that you should never include all components in one layer. Because if the design is sent back for revision, then it becomes almost impossible to separate the objects again to revise them. Subsequently, the design can easily get rejected. 

This is where separate layers come in handy. They allow each component to be designed individually, allowing for comprehension of the designs and for ease of editing in case of revisions. 

Not Syncing 3D & 2D Models 

If you approach a design without syncing the 3D model with the 2D drawing or design, it can lead to misalignment. This can lead to a mismatch in the production process and even produce faulted parts, or the object can be faulty as a whole. 

That is why it is recommended to use tools that convert a 3D design into a 2D design and align the 2D design over the 3D model for perfect alignment and production. 

To Wrap Up

Some of these drafting mistakes might seem like common sense, but during the drafting process, they are often overlooked in favour of efficiency and swiftness. But if you want to ensure the quality of the drafting work you are doing, you should pay attention and be extra careful with these issues. 

Are you looking for CAD drafting services in Australia that are high-quality and efficient? Or maybe you are looking for something more traditional and want mechanical drafting services. Either way, you can depend on CadDeziners to fulfil your drafting needs. Contact us today, and get your project drafted. 

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