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Creating Innovative Products With 3D Laser Scanning Solutions

3D laser scanning is the quickest way of digitizing physical objects for designing prototypes or visualization of work. With the latest technological innovations, 3D scanners have become indispensable for businesses to create innovative products with the help of the reverse engineering process. The use of 3D scanners can be applied to any product to capture the shape and dimensions accurately. The latest scanning technologies are used to scan the object and collect comprehensive data for designing innovative products. Laser 3D scanning services Australia can be done in different forms such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), terrestrial scanning, inspection and meteorology, and CAD services.

Laser scanners are preferred because:

  • It collects data quickly
  • It is a very cost-effective solution
  • Minimum risk is involved
  • Accurate designing of the model

The 3 laser scanning services are offered in the domains of meteorological scanning, reverse engineering, and point cloud conversion.

  • Metrology scanning– 3D portable measurable devices are used by experts in manufacturing, product development, and engineering delivering accurate and precise results. Designers support 3D modeling efforts and quality operations and calibration procedures.
  • Reverse Engineering – With reverse engineering, designers can perform endless model reconstruction and digital simulation.
  • Point Cloud Conversion– It creates 3d high-quality models with the help of scanned data. With limited scanned data, designers can create perfect 3 models.

The scanning process is basically of two types short-range scanning and long-range scanning process. 3D scanning process helps industrials to perform complex engineering jobs with effective digitalization of objects and processes.

A short-range 3D scanning process is performed within one meter of the object to be scanned. Different technologies are available to create a 3D model of an object. The 3D scanning technologies are of two types like Contact and Non-contact categories. In a method like Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM), the object is fixed on a specific plate then inspected by physical touch. Under the non-contact scanning technologies, light or radiation is projected on the surface of the object to assess it. Most commonly non-contact technologies used are triangulation light, time-of-light, and white light. Short-range 3D scanning methods are used for inspection, reverse engineering, and creating a digital record.

Long-range 3D scanning- Long range 3D scanning measure large or distant objects effectively and accurately. High-definition scanning technologies like optical trackers are used to measure up to a range of 33 feet. 3D laser scanning Melbourne allows the measurement of objects up to 525 feet. Long-range scanning is used for scanning large objects, doing detailed surveys, inspecting civil engineering projects, monitoring of topography, etc.

Both long-range and short-range scanning solutions provide a digital copy of a physical object. With the aid of 3D scanning solutions, designers can create innovative products with reverse engineering, computer-aided engineering (CAE), digital archiving, quality inspection, and rapid prototyping.

Advantages of 3D laser scanning

  1. Enhancement in manufacturing efficiency– 3D laser scanning Perth solutions has become indispensable for industries as it offers precision, versatility, and accuracy.
  2. Faster Turnaround– Expert engineers take minimum time to scan an object and create a 3D model. In comparison to the manual process, 3D results in a faster process without any compromise in quality.
  3. Latest Software and technologies– 3D scanning solutions result in faster prototyping and accurate reverse engineering that results in a high-quality and impeccable industrial solution. With Computer Aided Designing (CAD), designers can leverage the benefits of the start of the art technology of 3D scanning and printing.
  4. Innovative Industrial solutions– From converting an idea into reality to large scale manufacturing, designers are enabled to deliver innovative designs and products.
  5. Reduced manual intervention– As the laser scanner scans an object externally; it scans the exact shapes and dimensions of the internal structure. Hence, manually dismantling of the object can be avoided.

Application of 3D laser scanning technologies in different industries

  1. Industrial and Product designing –with the use of high-definition industrial scanners to capture minute details, complex shapes, and geometries with precision and accuracy. 3D scanning technologies speed up the process of the designing process of a product. With a high-speed process, 3D scanning solutions are highly cost-effective for industries. For industrial sectors such as oil and refining, energy sector, aerospace, automobile, electrical and manufacturing industries, etc. thousands of projects have been fulfilled with the help of reliable 3D scanning technologies.
  2. Mining industry – The application of 3D scanning technologies has greatly contributed to the mining industry. The 3D scanning technologies facilitate designers to handle complex engineering jobs and improve the designing process. In the mining industry, replacement of worn parts can be easily done with the help of 3D scanning technologies. 3D scanning processes offer several benefits such as quality control, mitigation of errors, safety in the mining process, innumerable health benefits, easy replacement of worn parts, and improvement in ventilation at the site.
  3. Reverse Engineering – Reverse engineering process is a way to get rid of old and obsolete products and design new and innovative products by assessing the flawed design of old products.
  4. Inspection quality and control – 3D laser scanning proves to be very effective in inspection quality and control processes. With the use of CAD models and laser scanning solutions, quality is assured. Designers can create and compare 3D prototypes with laser 3D scanning solutions.
  5. Art and other forms – Art forms such as creating sculptures have greatly benefitted from 3D laser scanning services solutions. With laser scanners, you can easily digitize and replicate data. With the help of high-quality laser scanners, the output can be captured with accurate textures and colors

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